What is Client in SAP ? What is Difference between clients 000,001 and 006 in SAP?

What is Client in SAP ?

 In SAP Clients means Customer, 
e.g let say if One Big Business Group having number of Companies (companies have no. of subsidiary)  & and all companies work independently,  
 If Group want to purchase Business software then to maintain individuality of each company they have to purchase Separates ERP system of each company which heavy investment & costly.
         In SAP systems , You can use one system for number of Companies which operate independently without interfering in each other. No need to install separate software's for each and every company. Hence Costs are not only saved by sharing hardware and software but multiple companies also use the same application solution, including administration and support.

So " We can define a Client as an organisational & legal entity in SAP"
The master data in a client is only visible within that client & can not be displayed nor change form another clients

Difference between clients 000,001 and 006 in SAP ?

Once SAP System Installed , SAP Deliver the software with three Different Client i,e. 000, 001 , 066

Client 000
  • This is SAP reference client/master client.
  • it contains tables with default setting but  no mater data
  • Client 000 can be use to create the client at the time of implementation by using Copy function 
  • for configuration of the correction & transport systems (CTS) this Client mus be used
Client 001
  • it is Copy of Client 000
  • Once the Systems Upgrade it is not identical with Client 000
  • Normally preferred to make the New Client by using copy function
  • Once system Upgraded, Client dependent changes will automatically Upgraded
Client 066
  • This client used by SAP for its SAP early Watch services
  • This Client enable SAP to remotely access the customer System
  • SAP recommends having an early watch session before a customer implementation goes live an d another after go live date

Creating Clients 

    Once the SAP system installed , technical team will need to creat the number if Clients that refelect the customer needs
The general Clients structure's SAP implementation includes following type of clients
  1. Development Clients
    • is where all devlopment woul take place
    • there may be more that one devlopemnt Clents
    • E.g
      • general user Development Client
      • Specific function Development client 
      • Clean / Golden Development Client which is then transported to quality cleint for review before moving Production client 
  2. Quality Clients
    • Used for testing before go to live
  3. Training Clients
    • Usually reflect current production systems & used for training purpose
    • Production & Training Clients transported  at the same time
    • the training Client is for training & is not necessary for implementation 
  4. Production Clients
    • Its most tested & accurate Clients
    • used for implementation
    • made after rigorous , Contentious & deep testing
    • Normally error free

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