Facts about SAP

  • SAP stand for Systems Applications and Products
  • In 1972, five entrepreneurs had a vision for the business potential of technology. With one customer and a handful of employees, 
  • SAP Originally Developed as Enterprise application software package for very large manufacturing companies
  • In 1979 SAP released its mainframe Product Called R/2, and become market leader in Germany
  • In 1980's SAP developed broader market in rest of Europe
  • In 1992 Sap Developed the client / server application R/3 ( real time three tire structure)
  • SAP R/3 System become the Gold standard of ERP systems
  • SAPS various Modules integration is key advantage
  • SAP set out on a path that would not only transform the world of information technology, but also forever alter the way companies do business
  • SAP is now a market leader & technology leader in client/server ERP software
  • SAP is the number one in slandered business application software & third larges software in world


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