SAP MM : How to Create PLANT in SAP ?


PLANT: A plant is an organisational logistics unit that structures the enterprise from the perspective of production, procurement, plant maintenance and materials planning.  A plant can be a manufacturing facility or a branch within a company.
A plant has an address, language and belongs to a country and its own material master data

Plant plays an important role in the following

  • Service management
  • Material valuation : If the valuation level is the plant, the material stocks are valuated at plant level. If the valuation level is the plant, you can define the material prices for each plant. Each plant can have its own account determination
  • Inventory management : The material stocks are managed within a plant
  • MRP : Material requirements are planned for each plant. Each plant has its own MRP data. Analyses for materials planning can be made across plants.
  • ·         Production
  • ·         Costing : In costing, valuation prices are defined only within a plant.
  • ·         plant maintenance : If a plant performs plant maintenance planning tasks, it is defined as a maintenance planning plant. A maintenance planning plant can also carry out planning tasks for other plants (maintenance plants).

SAP Recommendation
  • 1.     Plant 0001 is already preset in all dependent tables. SAP recommends that you change only the attributes and not this number.
  • 2.     To create new plants, use the Copy Function to make copies of Plant 0001.

Today we will learn to create the plant and their respective local data, using Copy Function & reference (plant 0001) provided by SAP.

STEP 1: Following is the path For DEFINE, COPY, DELETE, CHECK PLANT

  • Transaction code :  EC02

STEP 2:Click On SAP reference IMG Option, and then Go as per following Path

STEP 3:   Click on execute button to EDIT, COPY, DELETE, CHECK COMPANY PLANT (Following type Window will Pop Up)

STEP 4:   Click On COPY, DELETE, CHECK PLANT , Following type Window will Pop Up

STEP 5:   Click On COPY Button , Following type Window will Pop Up

STEP 6:   Update the Following Data
·         From Plant :enter system provided Code 0001
·         To Plant: You can select a four-character alpha-numeric key as the Plant code key. This key identifies the Plant code and must be entered when posting business transactions or creating plant code-specific master data

STEP 6.1:Following Type windows will Open Click on tick button to proceed further

STEP 7:  Click on Yes or Tick Button Until Following type window will Open

STEP 8:  and then Following type window will Seen

STEP 9:  Click on Save Button & then Click on Back Button 

STEP 10:  Following type window will Seen, Then Select the Plant Code we have created as per above step & then Click on Details Button or (press Ctr+Shift+F2)

STEP 11:  Following type window will Seen,

STEP 12:  Update the Following Information  
  • · Name 1 & Name 2, Where we have to maintain the Plant Name
  • · Factory Calendar: assign using help from other relevant Function Consultant

·         Hit Enter  button  ( Following Address window will Open)

Edit The Plant Address  Update the all data
·         Search Term1 / 2 : use key word for searching the plant
·         Country : Select the Country Name in which Plant is situated
·         Region : select the County & state name
·         Currency :  Select the Currency
·         TIME ZONE: select the time zone based on Plant is situated
·         Language Key : Select the Language Key

Click On Tick Button Following type Window will Open

STEP 13:  Click on Save Button to store Configured data

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