SAP BATCH MANAGEMENT : How to Define Batch Level ?

Defining Batch Level

 In SAP batch Management first we have to set the level at which batch numbers are unique.
For doing this we have to first maintain the Batch level
Batch numbers can be unique at the following levels:
·         At plant level
·         At material level
·         At client level for a material
If the material or client level for a material is chosen, check that no materials exist in stock. If a material exists in stock, the level may not be changeable.

STEP 1: Following is the path to Define Batch Level
  • Transaction code:  OMCE

STEP 2:  Following type Window will open. Click on Batch Level button to define the batch level

STEP 3:  Following type Window will open, Select the Batch level as per your requirement
Batch can be defining one of the following levels:
·         At plant level
·         At material level
·         At client level for a material
Plant Level
Batch level at the plant level is the SAP default. This means that the batch is unique to a plant and material but not applicable across the company. Therefore, a batch of material at a different plant within the company could have the same batch number with different characteristics. When transferring batch material from one plant to another, the batch information is not transferred, and the batch information needs to be re-entered at the receiving plant.

Material Level
Batch level at the material level means that the batch number is unique to a material across all plants. Therefore, if a batch of material is transferred to another plant, the batch information will be adopted in the new plant without re-entering the batch information because that batch number could not have been duplicated for that material in the receiving plant

Client Level
If the batch level is configured at the client level, then the batch number can only be assigned once throughout the whole client. One batch number will exist for one batch regardless of material or location. There is no issue when batches are moved from plant to plant because the batch number would not exist in the receiving plant. This is a level where, in some countries, batch numbers are unique to a company and not to a material.

STEP 4:  Click on Save Button to store Configured data.


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