SAP MM : How to Define Material Statuses ?

Define Material Statuses

 In this tutorial, we will learn how to define the material status as well as the characteristics of the individual material statuses.
1.      The material status determines how a material is handled in different applications and in business operations (for example, purchasing, materials planning, usage in bills of material, and so on).
2.      For each material, you can set a material status in the corresponding material master record. If a material has a material status, the system will issue either a warning or an error message (depending on which status you have chosen) if the material is used.
There are a number of areas where the material status can be entered; The Cross-plant material status field on the basic data screen allows the data entry user to enter a status that will be valid across the client.
A two character field defines the material status; we can configure the new material status by either warning message given “A” or an Error message “B”

Material status assignment
You want to designate a material as a material to be discontinued. In the master record, you give the material a status whose parameters have the following settings:
  • Purchasing "B" = error message
  • MRP "A" = warning
  • Inventory Management " " = no message

If the material is used, this parameter assignment has the following effect:
  • You can perform no further purchasing function for the material; for example, you can enter no further purchase order for the material. In this instance, you are given a corresponding error message.
  •  If you plan requirements for the material, you are warned that the material is one to be discontinued.
  • You can continue to withdraw the material from stores; no message is given. 

STEP 1: Following is the path to DEFINE MATERIAL STATUSES

  • Transaction code : SPRO

STEP 2:  Click on execute button to DEFINE MATERIAL STATUSES (Following type Window will open), Click on “New Entries” button to create the new DEFINE MATERIAL STATUSES

STEP 3:  Following type Window will Open

 STEP 4:   assign the following appropriate parameters in plant Specific settings
"A" = warning
"B" = error message
" " = no message
Every company is defining their own statuses according to the requirement but when you double click the status if for example in purchasing its B it means when this status selected then purchasing will not be allowed. there are purchasing and BOMS, Material requirement, Production, Plant maintenance, etc... areas are there through which you can control the material statuses by defining messages, either no message, either error or either warning.

STEP 5:   Click on Save Button to store Configured data

You can use a separate status management function in the Sales view on the material.

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