Excise Master Data : How To Maintain Excise Material & Chapter ID Combination in SAP ?

Maintain Material & Chapter ID Combination

Maintain Chapter ID

STEP 1:  to Maintain the Maintain Chapter ID in SAP ?
  • Transaction code : T-Code = J1ID
STEP 2: The following screen will appear when you enter T-code :" J1ID".

STEP3:  Then Click on New Entry  to Maintain Material & Chapter ID Combination 

STEP4: Maintain the Material & Chapter ID Combination

Update the Following Data

  • 1) Material : Here we have to maintain the Material number, which is maintained in the system for the particular material.
  • 2) Plant : Enter the Plant for which we are going to Install CIN
  • 3) Chapter ID : Maintain the Chapter ID as per Law for this particular Material.
  • 4) Subcontractor : -Mark in this Check Box if the material is be sent to " Subcontractor" for processing purpose.
  • 5) material Type : maintain the material Type of the material as per system.

  • 6) Number Of GR per Excise Invoice : Here we maintain per Excise invoice weather Multiple GR is allowed , If allowed how credit should be taken
  • 7) Declared : Indicator weather material is declared to Excise or Not.
  • 8) Declaration Date Of material to Excise :- Date on which we declare the material to Excise

STEP 5:  Click on Save Button to store Configured data

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