SAP MM : Interview Question Bank

  • What is SAP?
  • What are the solutions available from SAP?
  • Tell me about SAP Material Management? and its importance in SAP R/3? 
  • How SAP MM module is integrated with other SAP modules? 
  • What is a Client? 
  • How to create a Client in SAP Material Management module? 
  • What is SAP? 
  • What is IDES? 
  • Difference between SAP R/1, R/2,R/3 ? 
  • What are the different modules in SAP R/3 system? 
  • What is mySAP ERP? 
  • What are the Important Components of SAP MM module and how they are used in SAP? 
  • Tell me about Organisational Structure of SAP MM? 
  • Define Company and how to create company? 
  • Define Company Code and how company code is created? 
  • How do you assign “company code” to company? 
  • Define Plant? 
  • What are the important Prerequisites for creating a plant in SAP? 
  • How do you assign plant to company code? 
  • Which Organization unit is entered when creating Purchasing view of any material 
  • What is Storage Location? how to maintain storage locations? 
  • How Storage Locations are created automatically? 
  • What is Valuation Areas? 
  • What is Purchase Organisation? How it is configured? 
  • What is Chart of Accounts in SAP? 
  • How many charts of accounts can be assigned to a single company code? 
  • What are the different types of master records data in SAP MM module? 
  • What is a Material Master? 
  • What are the Data is maintained in Material master at client level and company code level? 
  • How to delete materials permanently from material master? 
  • How to extend materials to a new plant ? 
  • What is a Batch? How to create a Batch Record? 
  • What is a class type and how to configure in SAP system? 
  • How Vendor Master Records are created? 
  • What are the Special Stocks available in SAP? 
  • What is a Consignment stock? 
  • Explain Differences between Externally owned and company owned special stocks? 
  • Explain Procurement cycle in organisation? 
  • Explain how Purchase Order (PO), Purchase Requisition (PR), MRP are created? 
  • Define consignment cycle? 
  • What is Subcontracting? How subcontracting PO is created? 
  • What is Material Type? How to create Material Type? 
  • How to Create material movement type in SAP? 
  • Explain Purchase Requisition (PR), Purchase Order (PO) 
  • Define Tolerance Keys? 
  • Explain Pricing Procedure? 
  • Define Scheme group and Scheme determination?

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